However, this antibiotic was included in the review because it is used not only for angina and bronchitis - it can also inhibit the growth of some intestinal bacteria that provoke coli enteritis and inflammatory processes in the urinary organs.

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The main advantages of this medication are fast and complete absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, a pleasant taste, possiblyst application from early childhood. Another advantage of Flemoxin Solutab is that it can be drunk both before and after meals (and even during meals). With the correct use of this antibiotic, a pronounced therapeutic effect develops from the first hours. But you can notice it after a few days.

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A number of disadvantages include, first of all, frequent allergic reactions that occur after using the drug, high cost (relative to analogues), as well as the inability to suppress the growth of bacteria that produce an enzyme such as beta-lactamase (this enzyme destroys penicillins).

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